American Professors: Lecturing Less, Worrying More

"More and more college teachers agree: tuition is too high. When asked the question point blank, 87% said yes, up from 80 in 2017. And 90 percent of professors also agree that textbook costs are too high. That makes professors like Lori Peek, a sociologist at the University of Colorado Boulder, worry that cost is a rising barrier that doesn’t just keep students out of college; it also hinders their chances for success once they’re in.

The Professor Pulse results show that the trend is a concern: nearly 60 percent of respondents said that insufficient funding was one of the biggest issues facing their institution, while 41 percent cited maintaining academic standards and 35 percent cited decreased enrolment. The latter two figures reflect what Fuller calls the “arms race in higher education”: enrolments are down across the country, and because schools need the tuition dollars to survive, they compete to attract as many students as they can."

-Top Hat