5 Design Aces that can be the Difference Between a Mediocre and Marvelous Website

Businesses that look for good traffic on their website usually have to go through several factors. And mastering all of these factors can be troublesome for everyone. The following are five factors that can make a difference for any website to make a mark. And increase the chances for making it marvelous rather than mediocre.

1. Less Design Elements 

This point may surprise many, but this is true as fewer design elements on a website will make a lot of sense. Imagine a webpage full of design elements like graphics, images, and videos. There will be no white space and putting the content in the right places will also be difficult. Think about how you can use fewer design elements and make your content speak. 

Minimal design elements will make for a less cluttered look so that your product can be visualized perfectly. The use of white space is also highly recommended so that each design element can be visible without much difficulty.

2. Use of Visual Hierarchy

Another element that you need to understand first so that you can execute it perfectly. You can include bold colors, large fonts, and graphic designs in making a website look the part. Through visual hierarchy, you can offer clear visual clues to your audience to be evident for everyone to decipher what is important on your website. 

There is a quick test on any website that can provide you with a glimpse of what needs to be done. Just move away a bit from your computer screen and your eyes. Now see what the design elements left that you can still see easily are. These are the ones that will give your website the much-needed boost as these elements can be seen by anyone, even if they are skimming through your website.

3. Effective Use of Colors

I have just mentioned the use of bold colors and the previous point, and you may think that just the use of red, orange and shocking pink colors can do the trick for you. This is not as simple as it seems. The use of appropriate colors effectively is the way to go, and without it, you will be doomed. Never make a mistake like using sober and light colors for a children’s apparel store and use of shocking colors on a financial portal. Try to use colors according to the theme and layout of the website for the best effect. 

4. Apt Use of Images

Again, this is not something out of the blue, as we all know images can make a real difference. But you must know on what website you are working, and which image will complement a specific product. High definition images mean a lot because the quality matters. Blurred images and any picture with low resolution is not the way to go, even for a personal blog. And when it comes to the web designing of a professional E-Commerce website or shopping portal, this matters much.

Another mistake concerning the use of stock images which are used extensively on the internet. Your website will look familiar to anyone who has seen those images previously. So, hiring a professional photographer for original images will do a world of good for your website.

5. The Use of Infographics

Last but not least, infographics is one factor that is underused on virtually all websites. But research shows that infographics can get the attention of visitors instantly. Anyone can get more information and stats that even a video cannot offer in less than a minute. And if the infographic is visually stunning, it is more than half the battle won. 

An infographic can convey so much information, and the use of good design will be the icing on the cake. Take good care of infographics, and it will help a website in the long term. 

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